What is Symfony2?


I very often get asked the question “What is Symfony2?”. The people who ask this question will typically require different answers, choosing the correct answer depends largely on their job role.  I have been developing better answers for people and have created the following statements to best address each audience. If you have any other job roles that would require a tailored answer, please feel free to comment and I will add one.

Symfony2 : For CEOs and Key Decision Makers

An internationally recognised web application framework, aimed at building robust applications, and for this reason it is a popular choice in the enterprise sphere. It is suitable for internal or external applications which can be effectively scaled. Its adoption by organisations of all sizes is growing as it offers a solid ROI and high levels of visibility.

Symfony2 : For Startups and Entrepreneurs

It’s a set of tools that help get applications and websites up and running so you can see results and grow your ideas quickly and reliably.

Symfony2 : For Programmers/Architects

A set of components that can be used individually or together as a framework to provide solutions to common software problems. By focusing on a decoupled but cohesive nature it offers dependable system integration and scalability.

Symfony2 : For PHP Developers

Symfony is a reusable set of standalone, decoupled and cohesive PHP components that solve common web development problems.  There is a strong and growing development community behind it with a very strong anti-NIH philosophy which encourages collaboration and co-operation.

Symfony2 : For The Layman

Symfony has been developed to help software engineers create rich websites and applications quickly, to a high level of quality.  The software uses the open source model, which means people around the world collaborate, share their ideas and code together to continually improve the framework.