Webinar: Fuel your PHP app performance with Blackfire.io

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Looking for a code profiler that will identify server resources quickly without the need to analyse reams of data? Or have you trialled Blackfire.io, but are still getting to grips with the profiler? On March 5, Fabien Potencier, CEO of SensioLabs and creator of Blackfire, will be taking part in a webinar on the performance profile to show you how it can help you to unlock bottlenecks and unleash the true performance of your Symfony and other PHP-based apps.

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Blackfire is a performance analyser that assesses where time is spent on code execution. An interactive UI can identify bottlenecks precisely and a quick install process means you can begin profiling within just a few minutes.

Intuitive navigation rapidly drills through function calls, shows the hot paths along different cost dimensions and allows callgraph comparisons thus enabling you to understand the performance implications of your development iterations.

Blackfire can be used in both production and development environments, and makes it easy to share profiles with others on your projects. Blackfire also allows you to compare multiple profiles, allowing you to demonstrate the impact of your performance enhancements. Intrigued? Trial it for free.

The webinar will be hosted by Commerce Guys, creators of Platform.sh, a hosting and development tool for web applications. Damien Tournoud, CTO of Commerce Guys, and Fabien will show webinar attendees how Blackfire and Platform.sh joined forces and how to get more from Blackfire.

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Webinar details

Date: March 5, 2015

Time: 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 10am EST

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar speakers: Fabien Potencier (Blackfire creator & SensioLabs CEO) & Damien Tournoud (Commerce Guys CTO)


The webinar will include:

  • Platform.sh – the ideal hosting solution for Symfony2 sites
  • Introduction to Blackfire.io
  • Demo: Profiling Symfony sites with Blackfire.io
  • Beyond Symfony: Profiling Drupal/Wordpress/PHP apps
  • Q&A

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