BDD to DDD: The SymfonyLive London workshops are back

SymfonyLive London 2014 is gearing up to be the biggest and best yet. Alongside a stellar line up of speakers from across the globe, the event will also host a series of workshops on Thursday 25th September led by industry experts. Each intermediate-advanced workshop is designed to give you hands-on experience with the tools and approaches you need to get the most out of the increasingly popular Symfony.

Without further delay, here’s the full workshop line up for SymfonyLive 2014

Full Stack BDD with Symfony2

Led by Marcello Duarte and Konstantin Kudryashov

Many Symfony2 developers have heard about Behat and PhpSpec. However, it can be hard getting started with these tools just from the tutorials and documentation you find online. Come join us for this workshop as we get busy using these tools and dive into real life use, to build beautifully architected, business-oriented Symfony2 applications.

Domain-Driven Design for Symfony Developers

Led by Mathias Verraes and Richard Miller

Domain-Driven Design helps us to tie our domain model to the business. Deep models have great value: they help us build systems that are more relevant. They communicate the meaning to the developers and the stakeholders. DDD can be quite opaque though. The patterns and practices often appear to be nothing but theory. In this session, Richard and Mathias will complement the theory with a practical approach. You’ll learn how to discover and evolve your domain model; how design patterns can help you translate it to code; and how you can glue it all together with a dash of Symfony.

Symfony: Into the kernel and back

Led by Jakub Zalas

A journey into the heart of the Symfony framework, explaining internals of the application and http kernels, including the rich event ecosystem. Discover almost unlimited possibilities that come with the framework out of the box, and can be used to extend its default request handling. Finally, learn how to leverage the kernel and the event dispatcher to migrate away from an Old School PHP Spaghetti Project™ to a modern Symfony based application. At the end of this workshop you will gather a better understanding of Symfony internals and will be able to build on the core elements around the Symfony kernel, to gently migrate out from legacy in the direction of a more maintainable project code base.

Places at each workshop are limited and are sure to sell out fast. To guarantee your place and make the most of our early bird discount, grab your ticket now.