The countdown to Symfony Live London, 2013 has begun!

We’re delighted to be hosting our second annual event, taking place in the scenic Glazier’s Hall, London Bridge, on 19th and 20th September. We’ve fitted even more into the schedule which promises to be as successful as last year. Watch the highlights from Symfony Live 2012.

Schedule of events

Thursday is a hands-on Workshop Day, where you can choose between two workshops, led by Symfony experts. This is followed by a Conference Day on Friday. Our speakers will be exploring an array of topics, covering Drupal, BDD and a whole lot more, in 12 interesting talks over the course of the day. Find out about the schedule in detail and plan your day.

After two days of soaking up an abundance of new knowledge, it’s time to relax and join your fellow attendees for a drink on us! We’ll be toasting, what will no doubt be, another superbly successful conference at a traditional pub, The Barrowboy and Banker, right near to the venue.

Speaker Insight

Richard Miller and Dustin Whittle, two of the three Symfony gurus in the world, give us a taste of what we can expect from their talks in this interview.

Q: Tell us why you’re passionate about your chosen talk topic...

Richard: A lot of focus with frameworks is about achieving things quickly, however fast, initial progress is often reduced to a crawl as complexity grows. There are many interesting ideas about how to architect applications to mitigate these issues. I am excited by how these ideas can help to develop more robust, maintainable Symfony2 applications.

Dustin: Silex is a great framework for building simple web applications. I think this is a great talk about the evolution of the complexity of an application. I am passionate about the Symfony components that are the foundation for Silex and this talk is really about how to leverage the Symfony components to build a micro framework and how to expose more components for more functionality. I first gave this talk at Symfony Live San Francisco in 2012 and reviving it for Symfony Live London seemed like a great fit.

Q: What are you hoping attendees will take away from your talk?

Richard: I hope to share some of the ideas about how Symfony2 applications can be organised and to generate some discussion in the community about which will work for us and how we can best apply them.

Dustin: I hope they’ll learn how to get started with Silex and the Symfony components and how to evolve Silex for complex applications.

Read more about these and the other insightful talks taking place at Symfony Live.

There's still time to buy tickets for Symfony Live 2013, we'd love to see you there!