SymfonyLive London - Rowan Merewood - Symfony2 on Amazon Web Services

Rowan is a software engineer and technical team lead at The Inviqa Group. He’s worked commercially with PHP for well over 6 years, dabbling before that in Python, Java, and BASIC if you go back far enough. His work has encompassed everything from tiny in-page scripts through to multi-million pound billing engines using a wide variety of open source technologies.

Ten years ago the Amazon Web Services platform was launched and in that time it has dominated and shaped the way cloud computing is viewed. Even after a decade there are still a lot of buzzwords flying around and putting your app in the cloud is often sold as a simple, cure-all solution. So what’s really involved? This talk will give you a hands-on walkthrough of building a PHP application stack in AWS. We’ll start by deploying a simple Silex application to the Elastic Beanstalk, add in a selection of other AWS services, and see how we can also do the same with a full Symfony2 stack. This is not a theoretical, text-book talk – this is real-life configuration with the cool concepts and tricky hacks that involves.