SymfonyLive London launches mentorship scheme for speakers


Sharing your thoughts, experiences and technical skills with an audience isn’t easy, let alone when that audience is 300 of your industry and community peers. Presenting to such a large audience can be a daunting prospect, especially for new speakers, which is why SymfonyLive London has launched its first ever speaker mentorship programme.

Why have you launched a mentorship scheme?

We attend a lot of conferences, both as delegates and speakers, so we know conferences the size of SymfonyLive can be unnerving for some people considering submitting a talk.

We wanted to find a way to support all SymfonyLive London speakers, regardless of experience, to help them deliver their best content with confidence, and help them enjoy being a pivotal part of the UK’s biggest Symfony event.

Who is the scheme for?

Encouraging new talent to share their views is something that we wholeheartedly support, but the scheme is not just for new speakers. Regardless of experience all speakers who have talks accepted for SymfonyLive London 2015 will be offered mentoring.

What does it involve?

The scheme is designed to support speakers in the preparation and delivery of their talks. Speakers will be able to submit questions and talk drafts directly to the mentors for advice and guidance.

The mentors will also run open days prior to the conference where speakers can discuss topics, practice presentations, and receive advice on building presentation decks, tips and strategies for conference speaking, and gain feedback on their presentation styles. For international speakers and ones from further afield, the mentors will conduct these sessions via video conferencing, chats and emails.

Who will be running the scheme?

The mentorship programme will be run by a group of experienced speakers from SensioLabs UK, organisers of SymfonyLive London. Between them, they have spoken at all major UK and many international conferences, and all are practicing trainers and consultants in the Symfony community.

How do I apply to speak at SymfonyLive London?

You can submit proposals directly online here. The call for speakers will remain open until 31 May 2015.

Please check the SymfonyLive London website for more details about the conference and the speaker’s package. If you have any questions feel free to contact the organisers directly at [email protected] or on Twitter @SensioLabsUK.