SymfonyLive London 2015: Meet the speakers: Matthias Noback

Matthias Noback image

Matthias Noback began his professional career as a freelance web developer almost 12 years ago. He will be joining us for the second time, not only speak at  SymfonyLive London 2015  to deliver an insightful talk entitled ‘Hexagonal architecture - message-oriented software design’, but also to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Symfony framework.

We recently caught up with Matthias to hear about his insights to the biggest trends in Symfony/PHP at the moment and what he is most looking forward to at the UK’s largest annual Symfony conference.

Could you give us a quick summary of your background?

Ever since someone at school told me I should "try PHP" (and stop using ASP), I've been fond of that language. As a teenager I had been struggling to create even the simplest of C++ applications. PHP turned out to be a much better choice for what I was doing at the time: playing around with my computer, finding out how stuff works.

Over the years I became ever more serious about programming and started reading books, going to conferences and learning from the community. Nowadays I write about programming myself, I do some open source work and teach developers how to do "proper" OOP, unit testing, and application architecture. As of August of this year, I am CTO at Ibuildings, a wonderful web development company in the Netherlands.

How long have you worked with Symfony?

I started using Symfony when it was still very young (v1.0) and was spelled with a lowercase "s". After the second major version was released, I couldn't wait to start using it and it has (almost) never disappointed me since.

What do you see as the biggest trends in Symfony/PHP at the moment?

It seems that what part of the community sees as a trending topic, is of absolutely no interest to other parts of that same community. General programming topics that are currently hyped a bit are "event sourcing" and "microservices". Fascinating subjects, but still quite distant for most developers.

For Symfony I think a major thing is it’s very swift adoption of PSR-7. I think this will change part of the landscape surrounding Symfony as well.

Which talk are you most looking forward to at SymfonyLive London 2015?

I'd be interested to listen to all the talks actually, but that's impossible. In particular I'm curious about Bernhard Schussek's talk on Puli. I didn't look into the details of Puli for quite some time, so I am hoping to be updated on Bernhard's progress with it, but I agree with him that Puli might well be another revolution for PHP.

What do you mean by a hexagonal approach?

Last year I spoke at Symfony Live London as well, about "naked bundles" - it turned out that what I was trying to achieve was to decouple my code from the framework's code. When reading up on different styles of application architecture, I felt like a hexagonal architecture was a good match to my own style of "naked bundle" coding. When I learned enough, I started teaching this architectural style. In January I started the Hexagonal architecture tour, doing workshops across Europe. In April, Ross Tuck joined the tour with his workshop on Tactical DDD & Doctrine.

What are you most looking forward to at SymfonyLive?

Seeing everyone again, one year later now. It's also an honor to be on stage again, and I will thoroughly enjoy that as well.

What was the atmosphere like at last year’s event?

I liked it very much. It was great to meet so many people, I only knew from the online community. There was a lot to learn from a lot of interesting people.


Matthias is one of the eleven speakers who will be presenting at SymfonyLive London. Tickets are selling fast so be sure to  secure your place and join the UK’s biggest and best Symfony event!

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