SymfonyLive London 2015: Meet the speakers: Ciaran McNulty

Ciaran McNulty

SymfonyLive London 2015 is less than two months away, and what better way to celebrate the fourth running year of SymfonyLive London and the 10th birthday of the framework itself, than to have a fantastic line-up of speakers from the community. So, to kickstart the day, Ciaran McNulty, Senior Trainer at Inviqa and SensioLabs UK and an expert in the web industry for fifteen years, will present an exciting talk entitled ‘Building a Pyramid: Symfony Testing Strategies’. We sat down with Ciaran to ask what he sees as the biggest trends in Symfony and PHP, and what he is most looking forward to at the conference this year.

How long have you worked with Symfony?

I was involved in a few Symfony 1 projects, but only really came back to the framework 3 years ago and dug into Symfony2.

What do you see as the biggest trends in Symfony/PHP at the moment?

There are two parallel trends in the opposite directions of decoupling and tight coupling. Although contradictory, it's really interesting that the industry as a whole is starting to be aware of where coupling exists and when it is the pragmatic choice.

Which talk are you most looking forward to at SymfonyLive London 2015?

I'm interested to see what Benjamin Eberlei has to say about Doctrine, and of course Fabien's keynote will probably have some cool stuff in.

When did you first discover your passion for PHP and Symfony?

I got into PHP for purely practical reasons. I needed a language that was widely available on our hosting providers and would be easy to pick up quickly. Fifteen years later I'm still using it! I really started to like Symfony when I started to use the components in other projects; the whole design philosophy seemed to fit the PHP principles of reusability and usefulness.

What testing tools are catching your eye in particular at the moment?

I maintain PhpSpec and am involved with Behat so I'm probably biased! I think PHPUnit version 4 has had some big improvements and version 5 is sure to be great. Something I'm really interested in (and am talking about) is choosing the right tool for the right job and not trying to find one that fits everything.

What is the standout factor that people will take away from your talk?

That whatever tools you use, or what sorts of testing you do, the important thing is to have confidence in your work and clear communication over what your code should actually be doing.

Ciaran is just one of the speakers who will be presenting from the Symfony and developer community at Symfony Live London. There is a limited number of tickets still available and we would love for you to be there, click here and join the UK’s biggest and best Symfony event!

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