SymfonyLive London 2014: Meet the speakers: Matthew Davis


The countdown is officially on. In less than one month, the brightest and the best Symfony engineers will descend on Westminster for SymfonyLive London 2014. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been introducing you to some of the speakers who will be sharing their advice and best practice in everything from TDD to eCommerce. Next up is Matthew Davis who is flying the flag for front end development.

What prompted your interest in optimised front end workflow?

“I spent a couple of years working at an agency that turned sites around really quickly - sometimes in a day. Whilst that was okay at first, once those sites came back for amends and changes, it took much much longer than necessary because no thought had been put into how they had been structured and there was no tooling in place to make things easier.

“I think we all take a great deal of care and spend a lot of time organising and trying to perfect our back end code, but sometimes our front end code is a little unloved. I hope people take away the feeling that we can do better with our front end code, and that it’s easy and fun to integrate these tools into a Symfony project.”

What trend has caught your attention in the Symfony sphere?

“I see a lot of people working tirelessly to promote the idea of decoupled, maintainable software. People like Mathias Verraes, Matthias Noback, Marcello Duarte and Konstantin Kudryashov are really helping to drive this forward and I'm excited by what the future holds.”

What is the biggest challenge you face when working with Symfony?

“Symfony is a great tool and really helps to take down the complexity of performing lots of common tasks. The biggest challenges I face are deciding how to structure things to make them easily changeable and maintainable. I'm still learning, but I think attending this year's workshops will really help with that!

“I can't wait to attend the DDD workshop with Mathias Verraes and Richard Miller. I've been playing with DDD for a while, so it'll be great to see how they implement it in Symfony compared to what I've been doing. I'm also looking forward to Matthias Noback's "The Naked Bundle" talk and Javier López's "One Commit, One Release" talk.”

SymfonyLive will be rocking London from the 25-26th September and is supported by some fantastic sponsors including MySQL, Footfall 123, and