SymfonyLive London 2014: Meet the speakers: Jakub Zalas


It’s finally here! In just three days, the first of Europe’s finest Symfony engineers will reach Westminster to kick off SymfonyLive London 2014. Jakub Zalas, Technical Team Lead at SenisoLabs UK will not only be leading the ‘Into the kernel and back’ workshop, but will also be presenting a talk entitled ‘The Dependency Trap’ during the main conference. Jakub is a regular on the Symfony conference circuit and will be a familiar face to those who attend the London Symfony meetups. We caught up with him ahead of the conference to find out what kick-started his love of Symfony and why, in his view, engineers should stop writing so many frameworks.

The beginning

“Symfony2 exceeded my expectations and helped me get my faith in PHP back,” says Jakub, “Symfony has always raised the bar in the PHP world. What sold it for me was great documentation, good practices everywhere and an amazing community.”

What is catching your eye in the Symfony world at the moment?

"Things like Domain Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture or writing framework agnostic code in general are becoming very popular practices. I guess it proves that our community is serious about what they do, as there's a big focus on quality. As a result, unit testing and methodologies like BDD are gaining popularity. Which makes me happy, since I strongly believe there should be no code written without a failing test."

What would you like to see more of in the Symfony community?

“I really hope we stop writing frameworks. There's already less PHP frameworks out there that really matter, compared to the previous generation of frameworks. We really should stop writing so many of them. Make the existing ones great instead, and let the developers do their job of solving business problems.

Since the shift is towards framework agnostic applications, it shouldn't matter that much what framework you choose, as long as it lets you to do your job and doesn't get into your way. In my view, Symfony is the best candidate for that position obviously!”

Why should attendees drop by your talk and what do you hope they will take away from it?

"There's lots of attention given to things DDD or Hexagonal Architecture in the Symfony community lately. I feel that in many cases we focus on those complex techniques while we forget some of the more basic software development principles at the same time. I think it's a good opportunity to refresh that knowledge.

"I'll talk a lot about software coupling, why it's important to loosely couple your code, and how to approach the problem."

There’s just three days to go until SymfonyLive kicks off. What are you most looking forward to?

“I’m really looking forward to Konstantin's Decoupling with Design Patterns and Symfony2 DIC. I expect to hear some lesson's learned from using Symfony's DIC in the Behat3 rewrite.

“I'm also interested in How Kris Builds Symfony Apps since I missed it on the last SymfonyCon in Warsaw. Last, but not least, I always enjoy Marcello's talks, so I expect his keynote's gonna be a blast!”

Jakub is just one of 12 stellar speakers from the Symfony and developer community who will be taking the stage at SymfonyLive London. An extremely limited number of tickets are still available so if you haven’t yet registered, what are you waiting for? Join the UK’s biggest and best Symfony event.

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