SymfonyLive London 2014: Meet the speakers: Beau Simensen


Beau Simensen has an impressive resume. A professional polyglot programmer since 1998, he is the owner of his own consulting company, co-founder and chief software architect of a wearables start up and is the creator of Sculpin and co-creator of Stack PHP. Somehow between all of the above, he’s also found the time to take to the stage at SymfonyLive London for a talk titled ‘Decorating Applications with Stack’. With a little over two weeks to go until SymfonyLive descends on London, we caught up with Beau to talk all things Symfony and why he’s such a proponent of framework agnostic code.

Introduce us to Stack. What can attendees expect from your talk?

Stack shows that there are creative ways to extend Symfony HTTP Kernel applications without having to resort to each framework's glue (bundles, modules, providers). By following Stack's conventions, developers can write code that works for any application written on any framework that is based on Symfony's HttpKernelInterface.

“Besides seeing practical examples of how to use Stack, I would expect people who do not know much about composition or the decorator pattern to come away with great examples of these concepts in action.”

Why are you so passionate about Stack?

“Projects like Stack help people think about solving problems in ways that are not as tied to a framework.

“Sure, Stack applications are technically still tied to Symfony's HttpKernelInterface, but the difference is that a Stack middleware can be used as-is for all Silex, Laravel, or Symfony full-stack applications. This is a big deal!

“If we extend this concept to something like PHP-FIG's PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface, you can start to envision middlewares being written that can work as-is for any PHP framework that decides to adhere to PSR-7.

“I'm excited to see Matthias Noback's talk on bundles. It lines up well with my desire to see people move toward framework agnostic packages and ungluing all the things.”

How do you see the future of Symfony and PHP?

“Back when I first started looking into Symfony2 I was at a crossroads. I was ready to leave PHP and find another language to focus on. In many ways Symfony was responsible for me not bailing. Tracking Symfony2 development led me to discovering Composer pretty early on and it changed everything for me.

“Up until then, I wasn't sure about the future of PHP. Now I think the community will continue to grow and thrive for quite some time. The language itself is evolving quickly and with communities starting to share code instead of siloing, the future is pretty bright.”

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