Symfony2 Training UK : First Session Complete


This week has seen the successful delivery of three training courses delivered at the Sensio Labs UK London office.

All the delegates had a fantastic time and learnt a great deal about Symfony2, check out some of the fantastic feedback.

“There is a lot of information on the web of how to do it in many ways, but it is hard to tell what the best way is, and this course helped solve this.”

- Fabrizio Bartolini

“The most relevant topic to me, as a Drupal developer, was Richard’s insights on how Symfony2 would be integrated into Drupal 8 next year.”

- Anthony Glynn

“As an experienced Symfony 1.x developer needing to hit the ground running on an upcoming Symfony 2 project this was the perfect course. I’ve come away armed with enough knowledge to quickly get a new project up and running.  Richard is an excellent tutor and is clearly a very experienced developer; he also had lots of real-world examples to illustrate any discussion.

- Darren Beale

Happy delegates

If you are interested in joining us on any of our training courses please read more on the Sensio Labs Training Website.