Symfony Live Paris 2012


Last week myself, Richard and Yair from Sensio Labs UK all attended the Symfony Live Conference in Paris. It was a fantastic conference, brilliantly organised with top quality talks, events and facilities.  With attendance from over 600 delegates including 25 from the UK the atmosphere was alive with positivity and enthusiasm.

Conference Highlights

Sensio Connect

There have been some big changes to Sensio Connect making it much easier to get a a view of someone’s involvement within the community as well as a brand new API to make getting data into applications fast and easy.


One big announcement of the conference was that you now have the opportunity to become a Sensio Labs certified developer. This is fantastic news as it now guarantees a certain level of quality can be brought to projects. With no announcements of what the exam would contain or how it would be formatted the first sitting of the exam was a real tough one. Richard took the chance to be one of the first group to sit the exam whilst at the conference and was delighted to be one of the first to pass. Congratulations to him, and Jakub, the UK’s first certified Symfony developers.

Symfony  ❤  Drupal

For me, the most exciting development of the conference was to hear that the next major version of Drupal ( version 8 ) will now be built using many more Symfony2 components than originally conceived. Larry Garfield delivered an excellent talk on this covering how they want to keep the good things about Drupal and “remove all the bad things that make developers run screaming” (his words). This makes the next version of Drupal a real win for professional software engineers and sales alike as Drupal is such a well known, marketable product.