Symfony Live London - a post by Dries Buytaert

In his recent blog post, Dries Buytaert talks about the upcoming Symfony Live conference in London and why Acquia has chosen to incorporate Symfony2 into Drupal. Dries is an open source software engineer and technical lead on the Drupal project. We’re extremely excited to have him as a keynote speaker at Symfony Live London this September.

In his post, he points out that reusability plays a big part of the decision behind choosing Symfony2 components to underpin Drupal 8: “We are enhancing our strong architecture, with another strong architecture.”.

We can’t wait to hear more at the conference!   You can read the full post on Dries’ blog.

If you want to see Dries and even more awesome speakers this week, get your tickets to Symfony Live London here. Sales close this Wednesday at 2pm!