Symfony enables Infinity Tracking to design the ultimate online marketing solution

Gold sponsor of Symfony Live London 2013, Infinity Tracking has gone from strength to strength in a rapid time. Lead Software Engineer, Chris Sedlmayr and Marketing Manager, Carol Carini,  tell us how Symfony enables its developers to write clean and reusable solutions. How does Infinity Tracking help businesses?

Infinity is a cloud-based analytics system with advanced tracking capabilities, as well as cutting-edge technologies. It helps our clients get the most out of their online marketing spend.

We track the customer's journey from an initial search term all the way through to an eventual sale. Along the way we track the pages they view, the phone calls they make, and the other offline touch-points they come into contact with.

How many users does Infinity Tracking have and how much concurrent traffic does your site get?

We have 4,701 active users and 450 companies that use Infinity.

Our platform handles:

  • 6 million tracking events per day
  • Over 200GB network transfer per day
  • Over 624 hours of calls a day

Tell us why you chose Symfony and what features you were looking for?

We have been using Symfony since 1.*. We generally find that Symfony doesn’t get in your way, it gives you the tools, and allows you to write clean and reusable solutions to complex problems. Others reasons for choosing Symfony:

  • A very helpful and active community of developers with a passion for development.
  • Good documentation covering common use cases, and some not so common too.
  • Small reusable components.
  • Great full-stack framework.
  • Some simple, but killer features it had, that other frameworks did not at the time: Web Dev toolbar, two way routing mechanism, very flexible service container.

Do you have any tips for others considering moving to Symfony2?

Get involved in the community. There are a lot of really smart people doing some great things, and it’s a great way to stay up to date on the cutting-edge of not just Symfony, but PHP and development/engineering in general.

About Infinity Tracking

CEO & founder, Paul Walsh, was at the helm of a leading paid search agency for 10 years and was frustrated by the lack of ability to track phone calls back to the search keywords that generated them.

As he focused on delivering technical solutions for well-known brands, Paul struggled to find a way to measure campaign performance through the phone. He tried a number of ways to track calls, but they didn't work when scaled up to thousands of keywords. Paul thought this was a fundamental missing piece of technology in online marketing; so he sold up and used the money to set up Infinity.

Using his 10 years of experience in building complex bid management platforms he started designing the ultimate solution. Two years later in 2011, the most advanced call tracking solution was launched! Infinity is now a team of 45 people and growing.