Symfony Certification: Advanced or Expert?

Symfony Certification Want your Symfony expertise to be recognised? Want to stand out from the crowd? Validate your Symfony skills with the Symfony Certification.

If you think you know your Symfony stuff then this is your chance to become certified and get real recognition for your skills. The Certification now comes in two levels: Advanced and Expert.

There are currently only 58 Symfony developers across the globe who have successfully passed the Symfony Certification. Take your exam now and you could be part of the first 100 people to be awarded the Expert Symfony badge!

How it works

You can take the Certification exam whenever you like at one of 4,000 Pearson VUE test centres located around the world.

The exam consists of 75 questions taken from 16 different themes. You’ll have 90 minutes to answer all the questions and you’ll get your results straightaway.

Tip: You can only take the exam twice a year so don’t enter until you’re ready!

Order your voucher online now to take the Symfony certification.