Rebuilding with Drupal 8

"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it." - George Bernard Shaw. At SensioLabs we were very excited by the decision to make use of Symfony components in Drupal 8. So in February 2013, with the Drupal 8 code freeze still a long way off, we set about rebuilding the existing website, using the bleeding edge of Drupal. As creators of the Symfony framework we enthusiastically became a Drupal Association member and felt duty-bound to assist with Drupal 8 development, especially with the effort to switch to Twig as Drupal’s default templating engine.

Of course, trying to utilise a rapidly changing codebase for our project presented additional challenges to those usually found in website development. As with all rapidly developing open source projects, on any given day substantial commits might take place, which had challenging effects on our build. Weekends were particularly interesting, and we rapidly became experts of git bisect searches as we struggled to identify the one commit in twenty that had once again reduced our site to an unintelligible error message.

Despite these challenges, we persevered, and we’re now proud to announce the relaunch of What was a combination of Silex and Wordpress has now come together under the Drupal 8 banner, incorporating our own custom blogging module which we hope to eventually make available to the community that supported us and made this endeavour possible. Our site has also been redesigned, and benefitted from a ground-up frontend rebuild, taking a responsive, mobile first approach.

The Drupal community always welcomes new contributors. Developers who’d like to be a part of the new Drupal can attend core mentoring out of office hours in the #drupal IRC channel on freenode. Core mentoring runs between 3am and 5am BST on Tuesdays, and 5pm and 7pm BST on Wednesdays. Find out more.

As the developers of the foundations of Drupal 8, no other company is best placed to deliver or assist with your Drupal projects in 2014. Get in touch today if you’re thinking about Drupal 8 in your organisation.