Last chance to sit the Symfony2 Certification exam in 2012

SensioLabs UK are giving developers the opportunity to start the new year as a certified Symfony2 developer. The certification is quite new, having only been launched at Symfony Live Paris in June this year. Not many developers have had the chance to sit the exam yet, so getting yourself certified will immediately make you stand out from the crowd. You’d be one of an exclusive club of only 3 certified Symfony developers in the UK.

The important details:

Date: Thursday 20th December
Time: 10:30am
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: SensioLabs UK | 77 – 91 New Oxford Street | London | WC1A 1DG
Registration details

SensioLabs rate the certification badge as hard so we’d only recommend it for developers who have solid experience with Symfony2, ideally on a daily basis. If you think you really know your Symfony stuff then this is your chance to become certified and get real recognition for your skills. To find out more about the content, format and pricing of the Symfony exam check the exam details.

Good luck to everyone taking part!