Early adoption of Drupal 8? There's a podcast for that

As we gear up for a busy Symfony summer, we’ve rounded up some of our latest podcasts, hosted by our friends at Acquia, to discuss early adoption of Drupal 8 and why it’s such a big deal anyway… View the podcast: Drupal 8 and Symfony

Richard Miller and Tom Kitchin delve into Drupal 8 and discuss how Symfony components will improve Drupal and vice versa. “This is what open source is all about,” says Tom. “The free exchange of information, of good ideas. This is what makes it work.”

View the podcast: Lessons and chances from Drupal 8 early adoption

“Development against a moving CMS is exercising with treadmills. You run like hell and you end up pretty much where you started, but maybe you’re feeling better about it.” - Tom Kitchin on Drupal 8.

Both Tom and Richard were part of the core engineering team who built sensiolabs.co.uk, one of the first sites to run on Drupal 8. In this podcast, they share the inside story of launching in pre-pre-pre-alpha stage.

Paul Wander - VP Sales and Marketing for SensioLabs UK and partner company Inviqa - has also joined the podcast agenda to share his views on the growth of PHP in the enterprise and how a different approach to software development is delivering better value for business.

View the podcast: PHP and open source in the enterprise

The adoption of open source is a trend that has come of age in recent years. In this podcast, Paul shares his views on PHP, why it’s perfect for Agile development and how enterprises and start-ups alike are using it to dip their toe into the waters of web technology.

View the podcast: Driving value with Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)

Development being held back by miscommunication between business and IT? This short podcast introduces Behaviour-Driven Development and explains how increased communication and BDD can drive customer value.

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